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Madison Avenue Periodontics proudly offers complete periodontal care in and around New York City. Our reputation as leaders in the art and science of periodontics and cosmetic dentistry is backed by years of experience, continuing education, and a commitment to providing exceptional care.

Our Experienced Periodontists

Dr. Neary, Dr. Lanzetta, Dr. Chondrogiannis or Dr. Elhein are specialists in Periodontics in Manhattan, NY. We offer comprehensive treatment of gum disease, periodontal maintenance, and a variety of cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile. We specialize in cutting-edge, computer-guided dental implants and advanced techniques for treating periodontal disease, including LANAP and Pinhole surgery.


We understand visiting the dentist is not on your “top ten things to do” list. To encourage our patients to participate fully in their dental health, we take the time to explain each procedure, ask questions and answer questions, and establish a rapport based on mutual respect, compassion, and attentiveness to each patient’s needs. We strive to create an environment centered around your comfort to make your visit a pleasure rather than a burden. Discover a new standard in state-of-the-art periodontal care and dental restoration in NYC.

Our minimally invasive approach to periodontal treatments and dental restorations represents our dedication to improving the quality of life for every patient. Shorter recovery times, fewer incisions, and faster healing are the hallmarks of today’s most innovative and effective dental treatments. Madison Avenue Periodontics is New York City‘s leading practice offering comprehensive periodontal therapy and dental implants. We combine artistry, skill, and patient comfort for a uniquely pleasant dental experience. Our doctors elevate patient care to meet and exceed every patient’s expectations and deliver lasting results.