Ignoring Your Gum Disease Can Negatively Impact Your Overall Health

Gum disease destroys gums, connective tissue, teeth, and bone, which are all of the components that make up a healthy smile. But some people will still avoid treatment, choosing to live with bleeding gums, bad breath, or even loosening teeth. Many are unaware that the dangers of gum disease do not end with the mouth. Did you know that the presence of gum disease, at any stage, can increase your likelihood of systemic illness? It’s true. Simply brushing and flossing daily will not only prevent tooth and bone loss, it can protect whole body health.

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what are my treatment options for gum disease?

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Gum Disease Treatment Options in New York, NY

Better Overall Health

If you have gum disease, you have a greater chance of developing heart disease, pancreatic cancer, stroke, or diabetes. Gum disease is an oral infection, which can cause inflammation and tax the immune system, making it more difficult to fight off other infections.

Gum Disease Treatment Options in New York, NY

Improved Health For Moms

The hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can make you more susceptible to gum infection. Periodontal maintenance is recommended for expectant mothers both for their health as well as their child’s. Children born to mothers with gum disease are more likely to be born premature and with lower birth weights. 

Gum Disease Treatment Options in New York, NY

Preventing Tooth Loss

It’s important to remember that the loss of tooth and bone affects whole body health as well. Tooth loss makes it difficult to chew foods, limiting your access to nutrients. In addition, the absence of a tooth root to stimulate the jaw begins a phase of deterioration, altering the structure that gives your face its shape.